Wix Media Platform is a collection of services for storing, serving, uploading, and managing image, audio, and video files.
Wix Media Platform is a collection of services for storing, serving, uploading, and managing image, audio, and video files. It includes the following components:
    Image Services enable you to upload and serve images, as well as manipulate images on-the-fly while serving.
    Video Services automatically transcode your uploaded videos into a variety of formats and resolutions. These services let you host and serve video seamlessly across any Internet-connected device.
    Audio Services enable you to upload and serve professional audio files, which are automatically transcoded into web-friendly formats.
    Media Manager lets you upload and organize media, as well as view statistics about media serving.
    Playground helps you produce ready-to-use code snippets and play with the services.
    SDKs include client-side and server-side JavaScript libraries, and
    a server-side Python and PHP library, that wrap most of the REST APIs,
    making it easier to work with most of their functionality.
Wix Media Platform is now offered to developers as a service within Google Cloud Platform.
Note: Wix is a third-party company whose services are not covered by the Google Cloud Platform Service Level Agreements.

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You can find details about costs at Wix Media Platform Pricing.

Media Platform Services


Wix Media Platform provides powerful image-processing services that support resizing, cropping, rotating, sharpening, watermarking, and face detection, as well as offer a number of filters and adjustments. Images can be easily served with on-the-fly manipulations using the SDKs or the Image API.


Wix Media Platform provides storage for professional, high-quality audio files that can then be used in commercial music-selling applications. Learn more about the File Upload API.


Video files uploaded to Wix Media Platform are automatically transcoded into additional formats of various qualities, enabling video playback on any browser or Internet-connected device. Learn more about the Video Upload API.


When you upload a file, Wix Media Platform automatically gives it a unique ID, and then extracts and stores the file's metadata. You can access a file's metadata, such as an image's or video's width and height, or a video's bitrate, format, and processing status. You can organize and manage your files using the Management API. You can also create and manage collections of your media files by using the Collections API. This API enables you to create playlists of your media, regardless of their organization in the folder structure. Media files can be stored once but included in multiple collections.


You can use the Wix Media Platform's JavaScript or Python SDKs. The JavaScript SDK works with Node.js as well as natively in the browser. In both cases, you can use the SDKs in apps on either Google App Engine or Google Compute Engine. The following documentation demonstrates getting started with each SDK:
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